RadioACTive 12.03.21

  • December 3, 2021
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#PunkRockFarmerFriday brings you true tales from the agrihood, including author and Vermont homesteader Megan Baxter. SquirrelFest at NHMU, with a call to help spot the critters all week long for a citizen science project. SkyWatcher Leo T. Mama Africa and Craft Lake City's Holiday Market. Homegrown music with Night Marcher.

Tonight's show featured the following people, organizations and/or events. Check them out and get plugged into your community! 

Homegrown music from the Punk Rock Farmer archives, featuring Rob Reinfurt of Night Marcher and The Weekenders. To hear Rob talk about pizza and his musical journey, click here and listen to the show from October 2, 2020. 

SkyWatcher Leo T and his #ManyCulturesOneSky report: "We check out the night sky and Cetus the Whale in the southern skies!  And we talk about whales in the ocean, and in mythology along with a very tall visitor from outer space! Join us on SkyWatcher Leo T!  Salut to us all!"

DIY Creatives Spotlight, featuring Mama Africa, a culinary artist and entrepreneur from the Congo. Look for her and her unique Pili-Pili Sauce at the Craft Lake City Holiday Market Dec. 3-4 at The Monarch in Ogden this weekend.

Natural History Museum of Utah needs your help tracking squirrels in Utah. RadioACTive spoke with Eric Rickart, NHMU’s curator of vertebrates, and Ellen Eiriksson, the museum’s Citizen Science program manager

  • By using the iNaturalist app or by filling out a form on NHMU’s website, the public can record squirrel observations to help biologists like Rickart follow the spread of species and better understand their impacts on our environment. One example is the fox squirrel, which was introduced to Utah around 2010 and has spread rapidly—especially in the urban landscape of Salt Lake City.

  • Dec. 4: Pre-Squirrel Fest Bioblitz, 10a-1p at Liberty Park. Event by Natural History Museum of Utah: "Meet up with experts from NHMU to learn about local squirrels and find out how you can inform scientific research by looking for and recording your squirrel observations in Utah. The Museum's curator of vertebrates, Dr. Eric Rickart, will also be making presentations on the hour at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m. This Citizen Science data gathering event will be held before Squirrel Fest starts on Dec. 6th. Squirrel Fest is a weeklong Citizen Science initiative during which NHMU invites the public to contribute their observations of Utah's squirrels to help us better understand their distribution throughout the state." 

  • Dec. 6-12: NHMU's 2nd annual Squirrel Fest. The festival will be hosted as a do-it-yourself, socially-distanced event for the second year in a row. And, while there won’t be a grand in-person celebration planned, the mission of Squirrel Fest is of grand importance to the museum: To rally Utahns as Citizen Scientists to help track the distribution of squirrels in the state.

  • Dec. 11: Squirrel Fest Bioblitz, 10a-1p at International Peace Gardens at Jordan Park, 1060 S. 900 W., SLC. Just like the week prior, NHMU invites the public to come out and count squirrels. Dr. Rickart will also be making presentations on the hour at 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 12 p.m.

Aldine's #UrbanFarmReport, featuring author and Vermont homesteader Megan Baxter. Baxter teaches writing at Colby-Sawyer College and Southern New Hampshire University and is starting her own small farm. She has more than 20 years of organic farming experience.

  • READ: Farm Girl, a Memoir. "Two years into college, bonded to a lover spiraling into addiction and 2,000 miles away from her heart’s home — a stretch of 40 certified-organic acres along the banks of the Connecticut River — Megan Baxter finds herself in starkly unfamiliar territory. She longs for the reassuring, cyclical clock of farming. It grounds her and reinforces her connection to something bigger. Hers is a profound devotion to Mother Earth; a tactile relationship with the life-giving powers of the soil. A form of worship."

  • FOLLOW: For all of Baxter's social/web, visit Coming soon, a blog about her new homestead, Little House Farm!

Views, thoughts or opinions shared by guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the board, staff or members of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah, KRCL 90.9fm. Tonight's show was produced and hosted by Lara Jones and Aldine, KRCL's Punk Rock Farmer.