RadioACTive 01.27.22

  • January 27, 2022
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Volunteers of America of Utah needs AMP youth mentors. The annual Point-in-Time Count of unsheltered folks. Slamdance Film Festival 101. Gender, nature and the kitchen with UoU gender studies professor Kilo Zamora and Chef Max Winterholler. Question: BBQ skills -- nature or nurture?

Tonight's show featured the following people, organizations and/or events. Check them out and get plugged into your community!

Volunteers of America, Utah needs youth mentors for its AMP program, plus the annual Point-in-Time Count is underway. To find out more, RadioACtive caught up with the nonprofit and the following VOA-UT folks:

  • Kathy Bray, president and CEO

  • Cydnie Lacour, director of youth homelessness services

  • Ki Cable, AMP coordinator 

While Sundance is ramping down, the Slamdance Film Festival opens today and runs through February 6th. For just $10, you get on-demand access to more than 100 films —- features, short films and episodic, live filmmaker Q&As, special guests, panels and more. Guests: Festival Producer Michael Morin and Slamdance Unstoppable's Taylor Miller.

Prof. Kilo Zamora, a gender scholar at the University of Utah, was back to continue crowdsourcing material for his class on gender and nature, breaking down norms and hierarchies based on the lived experiences of local folks. Tonight's guest: Chef Max Winterholler, who says restaurants are built on hierarchies. With a degree in Anthropology, Chef Max even gets to the nature or nurture question about BBQ skills passed down from the Dawn of Time. Take a listen!

  • Do you have an interesting take on gender and nature? Reach out to Prof. Zamora at

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