KRCL Welcomes: Shannon & the Clams to Soundwell on Oct 10

  • May 15, 2024
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Shannon and the Clams' new album The Moon Is In The Wrong Place finds the band back in Dan Auerbach's Easy Eye Sound studio for their seventh album.

In August 2022, lead singer Shannon Shaw’s world was turned inside out. With mere weeks to go until their wedding, the singer’s fiancé, Joe Haener, died in a horrific car accident in front of his family’s vegetable farm in Oregon.

It was a devastating loss that hit Shannon & The Clams with cataclysmic force. Shaw’s bandmates, guitarist Cody Blanchard, keyboard player Will Sprott, and drummer Nate Mahan, had also grown close to Haener, a drummer and fixture of the Bay Area music scene. They canceled shows and rallied around Shaw as fans reached out to show their support. Shaw spent her nights with Blanchard and his family or with the Haeners, finding comfort in community. She adopted a fluffy dog named Spanky-Joe. She moved out of the Portland apartment where she and Haener had been living. She fearlessly chronicled the whole experience online.

“Losing Joe made me unafraid of so many things,” Shaw says. “I have a lot less fear. It’s given me new perspective. Baring my soul is so much less scary than it would’ve been before.”

Amid this overwhelming sense of grief, melodies and lyrics began to flow out of Shaw. Instagram posts about her relationship with Haener became the building blocks of new compositions. Her Clams bandmates were also reeling and writing their own new songs. From the shock and trauma of that tragedy comes Shannon & The Clams’ latest album, The Moon Is In The Wrong Place, a powerful exploration of loss, time, love, and resilience that stands as the beloved garage band’s most ambitious, emotionally searing recording to date.

KRCL Welcomes 
Shannon and the Clams
Thurs, Oct 10
All Ages Show 
Details and tickets here