Ivoni Mālohifo'ou Nash, Host of Tala Koula

  • October 20, 2021
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Meet the DJ: Ivoni Mālohifo'ou Nash, host of Tala Koula, Sunday nights from 10 to midnight

Meet the DJ: 
Ivoni Mālohifo'ou Nash, host of Tala Koula, Sunday nights from 10 to midnight on KRCL: Stream the archived show to find out more about one of KRCL’s longest-running shows and veteran DJs, including Ivoni’s surprising dream job. Here are a few highlights:

  • A listener since the launch of KRCL in 1979, Nash started volunteering and became a part of what was then called Voice of Polynesia in 1988. By 2000, she was hosting and the show became what we know today as Tala Koula, the longest-running Tongan language program in the USA.

  • "Tala means to tell and koula means gold [in Tongan]," Nash said. "Golden messages, very important messages, that's what Tala Koula means. We are telling really important messages for the people in our community to listen to.”

  • The OCA Asian Pacific Islander American Advocates: Utah Chapter recently recognized Tala Koula with its Spirit of the Community Award for its efforts “combining community outreach and music discovery by adding guest lecturers and health professionals to share Tongan and Pacific Islander experiences in current events, serving as the heartbeat of the community every Sunday night.”

  • Nash is equally involved in the community off the air. She’s the president of the NTAS (National Tongan American Society), one of the longest-running non-profit organizations to advocate for and empower all Tongan-Americans and other Pacific Islanders. 

  • To listen on-demand to the last two weeks of Tala Koula, click here.