Utah Foodie

  • September 2, 2015
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The restaurant business is tough. To make it, you need more than just a great location, a unique menu, and well-trained servers. It requires tremendous amounts of passion, and a rare type of grit and love for the craft. And without fail, the greatest food, cocktail, and coffee shops in our community always have a fascinating, untold story to tell.

The Utah Foodie searches the state for these very stories. It’s our mission and our obsession to put a voice behind our state’s most passionate restauranteurs in the business of great food, cocktails, and coffee.

Host Chase Murdock is a local foodie and advocate of Utah’s budding food scene. This drove him to launch The Utah Foodie so he could discover and share the stories that are rarely told about Utah’s favorite food, drink, and coffee spots and the passionate people behind them.

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A KRCL Podcast Partner, The Utah Foodie is produced by Chase Murdock.