Sue Robbins, Community Co-Host

  • January 21, 2020
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Photo: Ma Black (left) of Night Estéreo and Sue Robbins photographed at KRCL's 40th anniversary concert Dec. 4, 2019. Credit: Sam Crump

Everyday People with Sue Robbins on RadioACTive is where we explore the people, issues, organizations, and events of the LGBTQ+ community in Utah. Sue is a successful non-profit leader and a well-known transgender activist. She will explore the diverse LGBTQ+ community with community members and other involved individuals.   

We have entered a time where more people are coming out as LGBTQ+ with more varying identities and this has brought many topics to the forefront. Sue believes education is the key to understanding and will endeavor to cover topics to help bring us all closer together in what we know about this community so we can break down the barriers to acceptance. Her favorite saying is Education Brings Knowledge, Knowledge Brings Understanding, and Greater Understanding Brings Social Change. Join Sue while we work toward this social change Mondays on RadioACTive.


  • Board Member, Utah Pride Center 2015-2018 (Chair 2017-18)
  • Board Member, TEA of Utah 2016-2019 (Chair 2019)
  • President, Phi Delta, Tri-Ess Chapter 2012 & 2014
  • Transgender Advisory Council, Equality Utah (Active)
  • 2018 Transgender Activism TEAM Award Recipient
  • 2019 Kristen Reis Community Service Award Recipient 

If you have questions, comments or suggestions for Sue to address on the show, click here.