RadioACTive: October 1, 2020

  • October 1, 2020
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Masks Masks Masks, Changing the Narrative takes politics out of the life saving practice of wearing face covers in public  

Tonight's Lineup:

Mark Ott, MD, Medical Director Intermountain Medical Center, Intermountain Healthcare. Gives an account of what COVID-19 patients experience and talked about how masks, social distancing and sanitizing can save lives. 

Terry Hurst, a Utah native, activist, organizer and co-founder of Mestizo Institute for Culture and Arts as well as Mestizo Coffee House, shares his perspective of running a business in China during shut downs and the transition back to reopening.

Views, thoughts or opinions shared by guests are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the board, staff or members of Listeners' Community Radio of Utah, 90.9fm KRCL. Tonight's RadioACTive team included:

  • Exec. Producer:  Lara Jones
  • Assoc. Producer/Host: Billy Palmer