RadioActive: June 14, 2017

  • June 14, 2017
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Gender Stereotypes in Music and Dance, Blind Spot

Hosted by Lara Jones and Billy Palmer, tonight's show featured:

  • Island Wave podcast host Kamaile Tripp talks about a free workshop at Salt Lake Community College this weekend to teach others how to podcast. For details, visit Utah Podcasts United - Free Community Workshop. Multiple podcasts will be recording the night prior at Watch Tower Cafe.
  • Salt Lake City Councilman Derek Kitchen on saying no to the mayor's appointment of Sen. Jim Dabakis to represent the city on the Utah Advisory Board, creating a mural project for Granary District, and his concerns that the current plan to build homeless resource centers will not be enough to help those in need. 
  • Blindspot, sponsored by part by a generous grant from the Utah Women's Giving Circle. Tonight's installment explored this bit of research: "...Gender stereotypes are influencing students’ choices about orchestra instruments as early as the third grade." Source: Beyond auditions: gender discrimination in America 's top orchestras, Amy Louise Phelps, University of Iowa. 
  • After Blindspot, the following panelists weighed in on the story: