RadioActive: July 20, 2016

  • July 20, 2016
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Music Therapy, Algal Bloom, Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls

Tonight's show was hosted by Emily Means and Nick Burns:

On the RadioActive Report (begins at 05:18)

  • Erica Gaddis, assistant director at the Utah Division of Water Quality, with an update on algal bloom

  • Matt Canham, Salt Lake Tribune with an update from the Republican National Convention

Guests and topics included on the show (begins at 26:35)

Can music heal the body? Featuring:

  • Tips and insights from music therapists Amanda Maestro Scherer and Jaycie Voorhees

  • Dr. Dominic Moore on the benefits of tunes for what ails you

Tonight’s RadioActive playlist:

  • Stevie Wonder -- Music Talk

  • Louis Prima -- Music Goes Round and Round

  • Otis Redding -- The Happy Song


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