RadioActive: February 24, 2017

  • February 24, 2017
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Unidad Inmigrante, Nerd Farmers and the Mundi Project

Aldine, KRCL’s Punk Rock Farmer, and Lara Jones bring you the voices of art, music and green thumbs across the Wasatch Front each Friday night.

Tonight's lineup:

  • Tommy Burr, Washington, D.C., correspondent for The Salt Lake Tribune, on the White House barring certain news outlets from a press gaggle earlier today
  • Madalena McNeil, Utahns Speak Out, will call in from tonight's Utah Town Hall for All at Cottonwood High School
  • RadioActive's Emily Means with an update on the homeless resource centers plan (spoiler, Simpson Avenue is off the table)
  • Students Vivi Tovar and Sophia Wrathall and Marlene Mercado and Amy Dominguez of Unidad Inmigrante report back on their request earlier this week that the SLC School Board act to protect undocumented students and their families
  • Andy Jorgensen, founder of the Utah Music Festival, checks in
  • Carol Surveyor of the Utah League of Native American Voters performs with hand drummer Floyd Oldbull
  • Jim Breitinger, Natural History Museum of Utah, on this year's lecture series: Food: From Farm to Table – Reimagining What We Eat
  • Interview with Nerd Farmer Caleb Harper, who's going open source to grow local
  • Hana Janatova, Executive Director of the Mundi Project, and Piano Bank recipient Sigifredo Piza

Check out rallies, direct actions and other resources mentioned on the show.