RadioACTive: December 11, 2019

  • December 11, 2019
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Ogden's 100% Renewable Energy Decision, Sierra Club, Utahns Against Hunger, Overdose Prevention Sight Town Hall's with UHRC

Tonight's Lineup:

Damon Harris from Utah Harm Reduction Coalition talked about their organizations efforts to build support for Utah and possible the US's first legal injection sights with Salt Lake City Overdose Prevention Site Townhalls .

The next town hall:

Utahns Against Hunger's Gina Cornia, talks about how a White House decision will affect Utah's low income families. 

Ogden Becomes Latest City to Join 100% Renewable Energy Momentum

The Utah Chapter of the Sierra Club's Lindsay Beebe, on an Ogden City Council vote that adds thier city to a coalition across the state to become 100% renewable by 2030


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