RadioActive: April 4, 2016

  • April 4, 2016
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Solutions to religious violence

L-R: Lara Jones; Kurt Gunner; Stacie Sears; Richard Landward; Meera Jain; Thomas McConkie; Judy Wolf; Dr. Dave Derezotes

RadioActive for Monday, April 4, 2016:

Tonight's show was hosted by Lara Jones and The Radical Middle's Dr. Dave Derezotes and Sean Crossland. On the show:
  • The RadioActive Report, featuring the purpose of The Radical Middle with Dr. Dave and Sean
  • Solutions to religious violence, with the University of Utah Faculty's Community of Scholars dialogue group, including Stacie Sears, Judy Wolf, Meera Jain, Kurt Gunner, Richard Landward and Thomas McConkie.
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