PODCAST: Culture Jock Talks with Erika Munson of Mormons Building Bridges

  • November 19, 2015
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Episode 16 of #culturejock, "Still Building Bridges," with Erika E.p. Munson, co-founder of Mormons Building Bridges. Host Lance Allred talks about the LDS Church's new policy towards gay families and their children. Here's a clip:

Allred says, "Erika was a great armchair psychologist for me, displaying tremendous grace and compassion for both sides of the argument, and despite this new policy, she remains committed to her work and cause." 

Born and raised in polygamy and having traveled the world for 10 years through the game of basketball, Lance Allred attempts to explore cultures, be it religious, work, family, state or national cultures, through his podcast, Culture Jock, discussing the ironies and misconceptions that surround them. To find full podcast interviews, visit www.lanceallred41.com/culture-jock/

KRCL podcast partner, Culture Jock is produced by Lance Allred.