RadioActive: Candidate Interviews 2016

  • October 31, 2016
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This election season, RadioActive reached out to major-party candidates for Utah's 2016 local and state races. Here's the collection of full interviews. 

Oct. 3: Stephen Tryon, Democratic candidate for Utah's 3rd Congressional District

Oct. 6: Salt Lake County Mayor

  • Ben McAdams, Democratic candidate and incumbent Mayor
  • Dave Robinson, Republican candidate

Oct. 7: Misty K. Snow, Utah's Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

Oct. 10: Charlene Albarran, Democratic candidate for Utah's 2nd Congressional District

Oct. 12: Doug Owens, Democratic candidate for Utah's 4th Congressional District

Oct. 19: Salt Lake County Council At-Large Council Member

  • Richard Snelgrove, Republican candidate and incumbent Council Member
  • Catherine Kanter, Democratic candidate
Oct. 25: Bill Barron, unaffiliated candidate for U.S. Senate

Oct. 26: Utah's 1st Congressional District

  • Rob Bishop, Republican incumbent 
  • Peter Clemens, Democratic challenger

Oct. 28: Utah Governor

  • Gary Herbert, Republican candidate and incumbent Governor
  • Mike Weinholtz, Democratic candidate