All Sagebrush Serenades Archived Here! the Treehouse Series 2020-2021 the Pandemic Years

  • February 6, 2021
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the Pandemic in March of 2020 forced us all to adjust our lives.
At KRCL we had to figure out how to do Radio from Home in order to distance ourselves and slow the spread of the Corona Virus.
The vaccine should help us return to our clubhouse.
We gather weekly on ZOOM and we text and talk among ourselves frequently.
We access the station computer and the vast KRCL library remotely. We now have to preplan each show and record our breaks at home, upload to the station, configure a daily playlist careful to never have two of us on the same day at the same time (it presumably has something to do with disturbances to the Time/Space continuum.)
To the casual ear it might sound live and when I explain this to people I watch their brain freeze and eyes glaze over so I usually just bypass that conversation. If it sounds live, thank you. However there are glitches where we seem to have entered an alternate reality which is where we all live these days, anyway.
This adjustment has yielded some interesting results.
It has forced us reevaluate.
I put together a show usually for the next day but all through the week I work on Saturday Sage and explore the wonders of editing sounds. It is my first love. I have always found sounds interesting and the brain's capacity for creating images and movies when limited to sound. I loved old time radio theater. I loved the Firesign Theater. Through radio I have discovered the Theater of the Mind and I am particularly drawn to things that aren't quite right. just a little bit off. sounds that reveal the trickery. "Pay no Attention to that Man Behind the Curtain!"
it probably comes from the boyhood joy of Huck Finn or Jules Verne or Treasure Island. No movie was ever going to compare to what my imagination created when I read those books under the covers with a flashlight. These Clandestine Adventures are still part of the mystery to me. and I do love a good mystery.
When I was going into the radio station everyday I never had time for this sort of thing that requires Daydreaming with a Deadline.
sometimes I fail miserably and sometimes I can feel a door opening to a place I don't get to any other way.
Thank you God of the Pandemic for without the one you can't have the other. Thank you for the gift of a life lived. And when the time comes I will volunteer for whatever comes next. Aho.