Board of Trustees

KRCL is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are responsible for ensuring the station is financially stable and fulfilling its community mission. KRCL also has a Community Advisory Board which advises the station's governing body about whether the station's programming and significant policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station.

Meetings of the KRCL Board of Trustees and Community Advisory Board and their committees are open to the public. Closed meetings may be held to discuss personnel or real estate issues. KRCL will document and make available to the public the specific reason(s) for closing a governing body and its committee meetings within 10 days of the closed meeting. For more information on topics and scheduling of meetings, please contact Haley at 801-363-1818 ext 110.

Board of Trustees

January 25, 5:30pm, KRCL office, 1971 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

February 9, 5:30pm KRCL office, 1971 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

Board of Trustees Executive Committee

January 19, 9am, US Bank Building 170 S Main St, Salt Lake City, UT

February 16, 8:30am, KRCL office, 1971 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

Finance Committee 

January 18, 5pm, KRCL office, 1971 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

February 22, 5pm, KRCL office, 1971 West North Temple, Salt Lake City, UT

Events Committee


Development Committee


Governance Committee


HR Committee


Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Board meetings have not yet been scheduled for 2017

Board of Directors Members

Chip Luman - Board Chair, COO and Co-Founder, HireVue

Aldo Arnone, Associate Porfolio Manager, US Bank

Pete Ashdown, Owner, XMission

Steve Boulay, COO, MagicSpace Entertainment Inc.

Kirk Brown, 3D Printing Specialist, GoEngineer

F Michael Bull, Retired partner, STS Import/Export Co. and Chit Chat Cafe 

John K. Johnson, Attorney at Law

Kaneischa Johnson, Project Manager, Degreed and Advising Manager, Velour Live Music Gallery

Amy McMinn, Retired, Orchid Event Solutions

Gerald R. Nichols, Retired,  NJRA Architects 

Miriam Padilla, Physician

Heidi Prokop, Senior Vice President, Communications Manager, Zions Bank

David Read, Law Office of David W. Read and Assistant Professor, Weber State University

Clayton Scrivner, Campaign Manager, Ben McAdams for County Mayor

Mark A. Stevenson, Assistant Professor, Weber State University

Chris Yoakam, Associate Director of Finance, Ballet West

Victoria Mann – Ex-Officio, General Manager, KRCL

Stephen Holbrook – Emeritus, Retired Executive Director, Envision Utah

Paul Wharton - Emeritus, Retired senior staff attorney, Utah Legal Services