Sundance Film Festival

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival kicks off Thursday, January 23 - Sunday, February 2 with screenings in Park City, Salt Lake, and the Sundance Resort. Check out the full program of world-premiere films, virtual reality, music, panel discussion, and more at

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Facing the Past and Present with "Always in Season"

photo courtesy of Sundance Institute


Sundance Diaries: David Crosby Interview on the Red Carpet

I was nervous about being on time to the press check-in for the "David Crosby: Remember My Name" red carpet. I was certain that because the film's publicists ignored all three of my email requests for an in-person interview that the press coverage would be jumbled and chaotic. I mean, it's David Crosby. And to top that off, Cameron Crowe (you know, the guy whose autobiography inspired "Almost Famous," who is a legend in music journalism, who directed "Say Anything") was one of the producers of the documentary. Yeah, this was going to get crazy. 


RadioACTive: January 29, 2019

Cure for Cancer? Tribute to Archie Archuleta, Community Forum on the Inland Port, Day 2 at the Utah Legislature with League of Women Voters of Utah, Action Utah, Disability Law Center and SUWA, #Sundance2019 update with Sneaking Into Movies.