COVID Diaries

COVID Diaries is a special 8-part series exploring the effects of COVID and quarantine on different communities within Utah. As the correspondent for this special project, Community Co-Host Tamrika Khvtisiashvili has been gathering first-person narratives and interviews about life during the coronavirus pandemic. Made possible in part by a grant from Utah Humanities.

COVID Diaries #5: Addiction

In this entry, Khvtisiashvili checked in with folks struggling with addiction or providing therapy and rehab services to learn how COVID has affected them personally and professionally.


COVID Diaries #4: Economic Winners, Losers

From stage and print to artists, teachers and small businesses, voices of economic winners and losers


RadioACTive: December 29, 2020

Best of RadioACTive's #RoundtableTuesday: How does gratitude show up during a pandemic, with Red Barn Farms, VOA-Utah, Fit to Recover, Spice Kitchen-to-Go and IRC-SLC's Breaking Bread initiative. Plus, #3QuickPicks on gratitude, Utah Film Center, and COVID Diaries: Incarceration.


COVID Diaries #3: Religious Practices

Religious leaders share the trials, tribulations of worship during COVID