Podcast Partners

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping diverse community voices access the airwaves, KRCL is proud to be the home of a podcast partners program. The goal is to support startup podcasts, providing a studio home as they develop and hone their work and business plan.

KRCL offers studio time and podcast mentorship for a year, after which studio time will be made available at a reduced rate of $40 an hour for another six months, $80 an hour thereafter.

Regardless of length of time in our program, studio rates apply for any podcast partner who receives outside financial support, including but not limited to underwriting, advertising, sponsorship or grants.

If you have a podcast idea, submit it to podcasts@krcl.org. Successful podcast ideas should support KRCL’s mission of positive social change and community engagement. Each podcast is the sole creation of its host and does not necessarily reflect the views of this station. 

Podcasts currently in production at KRCL include:

  • The Island Wave: Hosted by Kamaile Tripp and Susi Feltch-Malohifo'ou, this podcast collects all the Pacific Island experiences of Utah, building a bridge to the broader Community. All episodes posted at voicerepublic.com/users/islandwave

The following podcasts are either on hiatus or no longer in production with KRCL:

  • Salt Lake on the Street: a weekly podcast featuring discussions with community stakeholders about Salt Lake urban and community development.  Host Isaac Riddle grew up just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. He has a BA in English literature from the University of Utah and a Master's of Journalism from Temple University. Riddle has written for Next City, The Philadelphia Public School Notebook and Salt Lake City Weekly. Before embarking on a career in journalism, he taught high school English in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia. Riddle is the founder of SL City News and can be reached at isaac@slcitynews.com. To find full podcast interviews, visit www.slcitynews.com.

  • Pioneers & Allies: Produced by a mother-daughter duo, Nan Seymour offers the voice of a dedicated parent and ally; her daughter Beatrice brings the perspective of a young transgender woman, recently out, who is also a writer and activist. Their mission is to collect stories of courage and kindness by interviewing pioneers and allies of the Queer community. To hear full podcasts, visit www.nanseymour.com/pioneers-allies-podcast

  • Culture Jock: Born and raised in polygamy and having traveled the world for 10 years through the game of basketball, Lance Allred explores cultures — be they religious, work, family, state or national cultures — to discuss the ironies and misconceptions that divide and unite us. To find full podcast interviews, visit www.lanceallred41.com/culture-jock

  • The Story Well: Host Paulette Stevens brings you conversations centered around belief and community. A personal historian, Stevens founded Life Story Library Foundation to save and share life stories and connect with one another in the process.

  • The Utah Foodie: The restaurant business is tough. To make it, you need more than just a great location, a unique menu, and well-trained servers. It requires tremendous amounts of passion, and a rare type of grit and love for the craft. And without fail, the greatest food, cocktail, and coffee shops in our community always have a fascinating, untold story to tell. Podcaster Chase Murdock searches the state for these very stories, putting a voice to our state’s most passionate restaurateurs. To listen to the latest podcast, visit TheUtahFoodie.com

  • Oddly Influenced: The unapologetic African-American podcast duo that "came from the east coast to bring you our views, live from the gutter...Salt Lake City." To listen, visit soundcloud.com/oddly-influenced or iTunes.

PODCAST: Culture Jock Talks to BBall Player Turned FireFighter Nick Lewis

What's life like as a 7-foot-tall firefighter? Culture Jock Lance Allred talks to Nick Lewis, a former adversary on the court who now bats down flames for the Northshore Fire Department in San Diego, California. 


PODCAST: Snack Responsibly with The Utah Foodie, Allgood Provisions

In the latest clip from The Utah Foodie podcast, host Chase Murdock talks with Allgood Provision's Jake Boyd about responsible snacking. Boyd has always been passionate about organic food and environmental sustainability, but didn’t know the best way to make an impact. After working full-time and moving to Park City to explore the famous Utah ski slopes, his childhood roots came full circle and he ventured into the food world. Having been raised by parents that grew up farming, the passion and drive to start a company from scratch that focused on non-GMO, sustainable, organic snack foods was a natural. Hence began All Good Provisions, a local Utah company that has expanded to over 400 stores throughout the country. Here's a clip:


PODCAST: The Story Well with Rita Carey

Paulette Stevens and the folks at the Life Story Library Foundation dip into The Story Well to bring you a conversation with Rita Carey. Carey, who finds purpose in service, volunteered for the 9/11 Interfaith Walk in Washington, D.C.; helped to organize the International Day of Peace and Global Oneness Day in Capetown, South Africa; and she's fascinated by brain research. She spoke to Stevens about the role of service in creating interpersonal connection: