Your gift lends a helping hand

  • July 17, 2020
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Maybe you don't want a T-shirt or a mug, but you want to give the gift of great radio and good health to others. For a $15 a month donation or a one-time gift of $180 to community radio, you can pick the PPE Pack Social Good thank you gift. Click here to donate. 

Choose a PPE Pack as your thank you gift and KRCL will send you a Radio Free Utah Face Mask and send a pack of masks and hand sanitizer to the Confederated Tribe of the Goshute Reservation (the Goshute Tribe). The Goshute Tribe is located in rural Ibapah, UT. They are approximately over 250 miles west of Salt Lake City, UT and an hour southeast of Wendover, UT. This means that the Goshute Tribe is a 3-hour drive from hospitals, health clinics, medical supplies, medical personnel, major grocery stores, law enforcement and other necessary resources.

The Goshute Tribal membership consists of 175 tribal members currently living on the reservation in Ibapah, UT. Of the 175 tribal members, 87 are elders and 30 are under the age of 12. The average income of the Goshute Tribal members is around $15,000 a year with an unemployment rate of at least 60%. Due to the high number of elderly and youth, and those living in poverty and who are high-risk individuals (with medical conditions), the community will be devastated when the COVID-19 pandemic reaches them.

It is not a matter of if the pandemic will strike the Goshute Tribe, but it is a matter of when as there are more isolated Indian tribes that have been affected by COVID-19 than the Goshutes.