Women Who Rock Day at the Utah Arts Festival

  • June 11, 2019
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KRCL's Women Who Rock is pleased to announce that Friday, June 21 the Utah Arts Festival is all about Women Who Rock the arts! Music on the stages will feature female musicians. Kicking off the day with Rock Camp For Girls at noon on the Park Stage and capping the night with Caroline Rose on the Amphitheater Stage.

A partnership between KRCL and the Utah Arts Festival.

Look for female leads on the Big Mouth Stage and at the Fear No Film Festival.

Park Stage

  • 12pm - Rock ‘n Roll Camp for Girls
  • 1:30pm - Mia Grace
  • 2:45pm - Sarah Degraw Band
  • 4pm - Bonne Finken
  • 5:15pm - Michelle Moonshine
  • 6:30pm - Amy Jade's Beehive Society

Amphitheater Stage

  • 8pm - Talia Keys & the Love
  • 9:45pm - Caroline Rose

Writing & Rhythm Workshop

Ashley Finley and Lindsay Heath will lead writing exercises. The group will share their writing with each other and then they will be helped to put their words to beats!

Rock Camp SLC empowers girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth from all backgrounds through music, education, collaboration, and performance.

Fear No Film Women Who Rock!

Fri, Jun 21 & Sun, Jun 23

A celebration of the female-films by women, about women, for women.

  • Do Not Ask for Your Way, 15min, France
  • Shaholly, 3min, United States
  • Volcano Island, 9min, Hungary
  • One Cambodian Family Please for my
  • Pleasure, 14min, United States
  • Human Again, 4min, Utah
  • Lola, 20min, United States
  • Caldeira, 6min, France
  • How Does it Start?, 15min, United States
  • Here’s To…, 4min, United States

Women Rock Code at Art & Technology

Fri, June 21, located on the grass north of The Leonardo

Come hang out with two rockin’ women engineers and explore the world of coding thru the arts! CodeDevs is devoted to empowering young girls through technology.

Literary Arts Performances

Fri, June 21 at Big Mouth Stage

These women of words show us the power of authenticity and vulnerability all on one Big Mouth Stage.

  • 2:30pm - PEAU Pacific Islander Women’s Writing Group 
  • 3:00pm - Ciriac Isbeth
  • 3:30pm - J Delgadillo
  • 4:00pm - Gloria Arredondo
  • 4:30pm - Star Coulbrooke, Logan City Poet Laureate
  • 5:00pm - Ayja Bounous
  • 5:30pm - Marcee Blackerby
  • 6:00pm - Nan Seymour & Beatrice Washburn
  • 7:30pm - Jo Lynne Kirkwood 
  • 8:00pm - Sam DeLeeuw 
  • 8:30pm - Lynn Wing