RadioActive: Stories

  • April 12, 2015
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Host Nick Burns talks with two storytellers in the latest edition of RadioActive.


RA April 12 2015


Segment 1: Children Tell It Like It Is

Melissa Gemmill, a grad student at Westminster College, has been working with kids in South Salt Lake to help them tell grownups what they'd like to see in their city. As part of her research, Gemmill worked with Promise South Salt Lake to help kids express what they'd like to see in their own community through the recording of digital stories.

As she wrote in a draft of her dissertation: "Civic opportunities vary within different communities, but those opportunities become few and far between when it come to children. Children have become a disempowered population in terms of civic engagement because they lack a sense of agency, critical consciousness, and civic engagement opportunities." Check out Gemmill's digital story work here.


Segment 2: Grown-ups Tell It Like They Remember


Giuliana Serena with excerpts from The Bee's most recent night of stories. Held at The Leo, the theme was "Attachment":

  • Ash breaks up with her fiance but still travels with him and his family to his brother's wedding in California the next day

  • Davey plans a grand romantic gesture with an old flame he finds out has moved on—after he's bought the plane ticket

  • Nan has never held a bowling ball, and it doesn't go so well for her date's foot or car

Created with her sister, Francesca Rosa, Serena has made The Bee a place where grownups get together for a night of lovingly competitive storytelling. The only rules: it must be true and you've got to tell your story in 5 minutes, no notes!

The next Bee is Thursday night, April 16, at the Urban Lounge. Anyone is welcome to put their name in the hat, with 10 lucky folks invited to the stage to tell their story. This month's theme is "Dirt: True Stories of Scandal and Soil." What have you buried deep down? What do you wish you could wash your hands of? Have a burning secret you’re ready to share? How is the biology in your backyard? Are you gardening, getting down, digging, and filthying your fingernails? What is your relationship with the musty, dusty earth? Do tell. Write to The Bee SLC to put your name in the hat." And get your tickets here. KRCL is a community partner of The Bee.