RadioActive: Poverty and Food Insecurity, Plus Women in Tech

  • August 24, 2015
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September is Hunger Action Month. It's been great to hear all about the Envision Utah survey results and how people say they'll water their lawns less in order to eat more local food. But the fact is, children, the elderly, people on fixed or low incomes go to bed hungry right here in Zion, every night.


Use the player below to listen as Nick Burns talks about food insecurity. It's part of our month-long focus on poverty in Utah. Guests include Gina Cornia of Utahns Against Hunger and Ginette Bott of the Utah Food Bank.


Then, producer Lara Jones talks with award-winning environmental journalist Joel Bourne. In his new book The End of Plenty, the Race to Feed a Crowded World [W. W. Norton & Company; June 2015], Bourne reports on the state of the modern food chain—and it isn’t good. “This is the story,” Bourne writes, “of the race to feed the world without wrecking it.”


Then Nick Burns returns to close out the show with a conversation about Utah women in tech—will Utah be the one to break the "Silicon Ceiling"? Guests include Clint Betts of Beehive Startups and StartFEST, and two women who head tech companies right here in Utah and will present at StartFEST next week: Sunny Washington of Ardusat and Donna Root of Jigabot.


Full show:

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