RadioActive: HIV/AIDS, 30 Years Later

  • September 6, 2015
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RadioActive Fall 2015


Thirty years ago, the Utah Department of Health reported a total of 17 persons living with AIDS in Utah. Those numbers grew dramatically as the AIDS crisis unfolded here and across the nation. Since the advent of effective drug treatments, many now see HIV and AIDS as manageable—which may be why HIV infection rates are on the rise again. On this edition of RadioActive, you’ll hear from Charles Frost of the Utah HIV Planning Group, Tyler Fisher of the Utah AIDS Foundation, and Lynn Beltran, who supervises the STD and HIV programs for the Salt Lake County Health Department.


RadioActive September 6


RadioActive Rewinds from this show:

Charlese Frost: RA Rewind Stigma of HIV AIDS


Lynn Beltran: RA Rewind STD Infection Rates


Tyler Fisher: RA Rewind SL AIDS Walk History


Salt Lake AIDS Walk
City Creek Center
Saturday, September 19th, 2015