RadioActive for February 15, 2015

  • February 18, 2015
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1. Leo Killsback, Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies at Arizona State University, who will be in town Feb. 23-24 to talk to college students about Decolonizing Settler-Colonialism and Native Americans: Experience in the Mountain West. Killsback is visiting Utah as a guest of The Peace Advocacy Coalition, whose 2015 theme is Facing Up To Settler Colonialism - From Bear River, Idaho, to Palestine.

2. Pioneer Park Urban Design Assistance Team leader Soren Simonsen and Nancy Montieth, landscape architect and parks planner for Salt Lake City, talk about the results of a recent design charette that challenged participants to re-envision the 10-acre city park between 300-400 South and 300-400 West.

RadioActive 2-15-15


Host: Nick Burns
Producer: Lara Jones