Just One Question: How Do You Put Dr. King’s Legacy into Action Everyday?

  • January 20, 2015
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The Martin Luther King holiday was a day to reflect and act on what Dr. King called "the cause of peace and brotherhood." It’s become a day of service for many, a day of protest and call to action for others. But that’s one day a year. So I have just one question – how might we as individuals put Dr. King’s legacy into action everyday for ourselves? A marade – a march, rally and parade – at East High in Salt Lake City seemed like a good place to get answers on Martin Luther King Day (1/19/15). Here’s what people had to say:


Just1Question-Martin Luther King Day


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Frances Battle at East High on MLK Day 2015 0Marade starts at East High School, MLK Day 2015 Marade arrives at Kingsbury Hall, MLK Day 2015  Rev. Jerrod Lowry, Kingsbury Hall, MLK Day 2015


Photos from marade to celebrate Martin Luther King Day 2015 in Salt Lake City (left to right): Frances Battle; marade starts at East High School; marade arrives at Kingsbury Hall; Rev. Jerrod Lowry and sons at end of marade.