JD McPherson Socks: A Rock n Roll Christmas Tour at The State Room Dec 6

  • October 16, 2019
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SOCKS, McPherson’s fourth album, dives headfirst into the world of original holiday music. Written, produced, and arranged by the frontman and his longtime bandmates, it’s a record rooted in the same timeless influences—from 1950s rock & roll to oldschool rhythm & blues—that inspired his breakthrough release, Signs and Signifiers, back in 2010. The result is a return to McPherson’s musical wheelhouse, mixing new songs and classic tones with his band’s sharpest performances to date.

“SOCKS overflows with vintage rock & roll tidings of comfort and joy...You could easily fool someone into thinking you discovered a gem of an album from 60 years ago. Scuff one up a little and keep someone from Googling it and you might be able to pull it off.” ~ Rolling Stone

KRCL Presents:
JD McPherson
SOCKS: A Rock n' Roll Christmas Tour
with Joel Paterson
Fri, Dec 6, 
The State Room