Eric P. Nelson talks to Comedy Bang! Bang!'s Scott Aukerman

  • June 5, 2024
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There's a good chance you've never heard of Comedy Bang! Bang! But if you have, many Hamburgers to you. Also, Heynongman. In its simplest form, host Scott Aukerman interviews a famous guest (actor, comedian, musician, hopefully not an author...) followed up by interviews with less famous, made up guests played by a rotating cast of some of the funniest people in the world. Each show is completely improvised and due to their strict ‘open door policy,’ we never know who might walk through the door, in a good way.  The podcast is celebrating it’s 15 year anniversary with the biggest tour ever and host and co-creator of the podcast, Scott Aukerman, accepted my request for an interview and so graciously gave me as much time as I needed to ask a few dumb questions and try to conduct a “professional” interview. I’ve been listening to this podcast for pretty much it’s entire run, so I wanted to ask questions about Dr. Trago’s ‘Creeeepies,’ has he ever been to Darren Matichek’s Bobblehead Museum and Hall of Fame, and how hard is it to communicate with Dr. Sweetchat the Small Talk Robot? I realized early on the interview wasn’t for me, and me only, so I did my best to let Scott explain what Comedy Bang! Bang! is, where it came from and a bit of what to expect at the live show.

Comedy Bang! Bang! started out in response to podcasts being just interviews. Their idea; “What if we just did fake interviews?” Over the past 15 years those fake interviews have had me giggling to myself weekly. Hearing Cal Solomon (Paul F. Tompkins) explain his departure from the Sugarhill Gang, Harris’ Foam Corner (with the late Harris Whittels) Hot Dog’s (Andy Daly) relentless attempts at getting Sha Na Na into the Rock and Roll hall of fame, Francesca Bolognese (Lily Sullivan) who may or may not be a social media expert, or one of my favorite characters Darren Matichek, (Tim Baltz) owner of the National Bobblehead Museum and Hall of Fame in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Frequent guest Paul F. Tompkins, one of the best improvisors out there, will be joining Scott on each stop accompanied by a rotating cast of CBB all-stars. See you there!

-Eric P. Nelson

Comedy Bang! Bang! 
Bang! Bang! Into Your Mouth Tour 2024
Tuesday, July 23rd
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Here’s my full interview with Scott Aukerman, enjoy!