Swaner Snowcase

Saturday, Feb. 24 | 9:30 am - 2 pm Utah State University Alumni Association invites our Aggies and friends to join us for a day of snowy fun, February 24th, at the Swaner EcoCenter. There will be snowshoeing, crafts, climbing, hot dogs, s'mores, Big Blue and more! Plus, it's FREE!

Rio Grande Downtown Farmers Market

Rio Grande Downtown Farmers Market was founded in 2013 in response to Salt Lake City's demand for fresh local goods all year round.
Hosted in the historic Rio Grande Depot, this market allows growers to extend the season, and features fresh vegetables from late season harvests and area greenhouses. Like the summer markets, it also offers the best of the region's grass-fed meats, dairy, honey, eggs, baked goods, and seasonal offerings for the holidays.

The Market will be held every Saturday through April 21st from 10am to 2pm

Guest Author Bobbie Pyron

Fans of classic animal stories like Pax and A Dog’s Way Home will howl over the heartwarming adventures of a coyote pup lost in New York City. Brimming with curiosity, Trouble can’t wait to explore the world beyond Singing Creek. So one morning the coyote pup stows away in the back of a truck and ends up lost in the heart of New York City. While Trouble misses his siblings, he quickly makes friends in Central Park’s Ramble: a prankster crow, a timid opossum, and a poetic poodle. Before long, he goes from howling for home to wondering if he could make a life in the city forever. But when word gets out that a coyote is running wild on city streets, Trouble must choose between the risks of being caught and the dangers of a long journey home. ‚Äč Inspired by true stories, this accessible read from the award-winning author of A Dog’s Way Home will resonate with anyone who’s ever felt torn between the longing for adventure and the call of home. An appendix with real accounts of wild animals trapped in the city adds to the fun! Join us Saturday afternoon, February 24th, as we welcome author Bobbie Pyron to our store to read from, answer questions about, and sign copies of her heartwarming new book A Pup Called Trouble. This event will begin at 2:00 p.m.


The clock is ticking, the dancers are sweating, the choreographers are frantically creating and the audience is partying. It must be RDT's annual REGALIA, a fundraiser that asks the audience to award a commission. The performance culminates with a lively shindig and dancing on stage to big band music by the Joe Muscolino Band. Not to be missed!

Willy Vlautin reads and signs Don't Skip Out On Me!

Weller Book Works is thrilled to welcome Willy Vlautin, as he reads and signs his new book, DON'T SKIP OUT ON ME! He's even going to play a little music! A moving story about a man’s search for belonging in all the wrong places, DON’T SKIP OUT ON ME is an understated yet powerful exploration of identity and loneliness pulled from deep within America’s soul. Publishing for the first time in hardcover, award-winning author Willy Vlautin follows in the footsteps of his earlier beloved novels, delivering another emotionally raw tale of a tragic and beautiful life. His most recent novel, The Free, was a #1 Indie Next pick, and the movie adaptation of his 2010 novel Lean on Pete—which debuted at this year’s Venice Film Festival to critical acclaim—will be released nationwide on February 16, 2018. Vlautin’s band Richmond Fontaine has created a soundtrack, which is included on CD here and will be available for download with finished books, that perfectly evokes the spirit and setting of this stunning and heartbreaking new novel. Horace Hopper has spent most of his life on a Nevada sheep ranch, but dreams of something bigger. Mr. and Mrs. Reese, the aging ranchers, took him in after his parents abandoned him and treated him like a son, intending to someday leave the ranch in his hands. But Horace, ashamed of not only his half-Paiute, half-Irish heritage but also the fact that his parents didn’t want him, feels as if he doesn’t truly belong on the ranch, or anywhere. Knowing that he needs to make a name for himself, Horace leaves behind the only loving home he has ever known for Tucson, where he can prove his worth as a championship boxer. But to become a champion, Horace has to change not just the way he eats, trains, and thinks—he has to change who he is. Reinventing himself as Hector Hidalgo, a scrappy Mexican fighter whose family fled the violence of the drug cartels for the safety of the Nevada mountains, Horace begins training and entering fights. His journey brings him as far as Texas, Salt Lake City, and the boxing rings of Mexico, pitting him against bigger and better fighters as his reputation grows. But though his new life in the city means he is constantly surrounded by people, Horace grows more and more isolated, withdrawing into himself as he struggles with the pain of his boxing injuries and his loneliness. Back in Nevada, Mr. Reese is struggling to hold onto a life that is no longer sustainable. At seventy-two years old and without Horace’s help, he is unable to keep up with the demands of his ranch, but also unable to give up the only life he knows. He longs to bring Horace back home, but knows that the boy must be allowed to follow his own path. As the emotional and physical toll of Horace’s fights begins to catch up with him, he retreats farther and farther away from the Reeses and his old life. Unable to walk back into his tiny Nevada town a failure, Horace ends up on the streets of Las Vegas, lonelier and more desperate than ever. Mr. Reese catches up with him there, and in their poignant reunion Horace finally realizes that he can’t change who he is or outrun his destiny. A beautiful, wrenching portrait of a downtrodden man, DON’T SKIP OUT ON ME narrates the struggle to find one’s place in a vast and lonely world with profound tenderness, and will make you consider those around you—and yourself—differently. Willy Vlautin is the author of THE FREE, LEAN ON PETE, NORTHLINE, and THE MOTEL LIFE. He is the singer and songwriter of the band Richmond Fontaine and a member of the band The Delines. He lives outside Portland, Oregon. For more on Willy Vlautin, visit:

Bon Bland

CORNELIO VEGA Y SU DINASTIA El Problema Tour 2018 Con Adriel Favela T3R Elemento

Lovely Noughts with Green River Blues, Branson Anderson

Dar Williams

Touring musician, singer-songwriter Dar Williams has watched downtowns she visited morph from vacant to vibrant, over twenty years. The result is her new book, What I Learned In A Thousand Towns. Driven by the idea “when we help our towns find our souls, we find our own as well,” the book is “part how-to guide, part love song to our country and all its possibilities.” She’ll play songs from her prolific career, and open a dialogue about what “open mic nights, a good bookstore, and a local coffee shop” can add to the sweet song ofa town’s success.

Jake Loggins