Sylvian Esso, with Unknown Mortal, and Shamir


Guest Author Josi S. Kilpack

A follow-up to Josi S. Kilpack's bestselling Proper Romance, The Vicar's Daughter. Lenora Wilton has spent her life hiding behind the keys of her beloved pianoforte and the vibrancy of her younger sister, Cassie. But Lenora is ready for a change and travels to Bath to live with her Aunt Gwen and teach music at an all-girls’ boarding school. She is different in Bath—more comfortable with herself—and enjoys the freedom and independence of her new life there. When Lenora meets Aiden Asher, she finds herself attracted to him, but her unexpected feelings become more complicated when she learns that Catherine—Lenora’s newest and most troublesome student in the school—is Mr. Asher’s niece. Catherine is a difficult student, and Lenora works hard to make progress with the girl. When the chemistry between Lenora and Aiden increases, they share a passionate kiss by the River Avon, and Lenora feels it is the beginning of a new forever—until she learns that Aiden has withheld an important detail about his life that changes everything. Lenora closes her heart to him, and Aiden, caught between his obligation and his heart, must do what he can to make amends. And Lenora, after years of hiding from everyone and everything, faces a decision only she can make. Join us Wednesday, July 18th, as we welcome Josi Kilpack to The Provo City Library at Academy Square. This event will be held in The Ballroom, and will begin at 7:00 p.m.

Jackson Browne

RETRO FUTURA Belinda Carlisle ABC Modern English, The Outfields Tony Lewis, Kajagoogoos Limahl, Bow Wow Wows Annabella

Third Saturday for Families: Color Journey Collages

Experience a journey in color around Great Salt Lake with the installation by Spencer Finch in the UMFA Great Hall. Create your own color journey in a paper collage.

Chris Orrock

Mountain Country LIVE

Mountain Country takes the stage on a Sunday evening as part of the 2018 Davis Art Council Sunday Concert Series. The Kenley Amphitheater is a beautiful venue and makes for a perfect opportunity to plan some FUN with your family. Step out for this FREE community show to enjoy the great outdoors and the incredible authentic sounds of one of Utah's hottest LIVE band performances ~ Mountain Country. It's picnic worthy and toe tapping FUN! Learn more about the band at

Mountain Country Performance

The Davis Arts Council Sunday Concert Series is a FREE concert in an incredible venue. Bring a picnic and settle in for a Mountain Country show full of Bluegrass and Country music. It's fun for the whole family and a show you won't want to miss!

TajMo Band with Alicia Michilli