Mondo Cozmo with Flagship

Mondo Cozmo 
A disciple of Eddie Vedder (think Vitalogy-era fuck-you-to-Ticketmaster tour), Bruce Springsteen (rabid and ready to go on Born to Run), and Jack White (Coachella 2015 when Mondo Cozmo’s wife turned to him and, “Do you think Jack White gives a fuck what his bass player thinks?”)- Thus the Philadelphia-born, Los Angeles-based Mohawk-ed and tattooed troubadour Mondo Cozmo was born. 
Think….Dylan fronting Oasis with Beck making the beats. Mondo Cozmo has the attitude of the Manchester bands of the 90s… Working class, honest, inspirational, cautiously hopeful, and socially observational. It is a bold statement demanding attention: Future festival headliner who will have the crowd singing along to every word while the sun is setting and challenging everything you know about music in the process. 
Mondo Cozmo by Mondo Cozmo
I am East Los Angeles but originally from Philly. 
I am not sure if I graduated high school
I can be soulful one moment and screaming Sixes and Sevens the next.
I am the guy who orders 2 beers whenever I go into a bar and I pick up the phone whenever my mom calls.
I want to do whatever I want. 
I want to connect with everyone. There is no demographic.

Jordan Young

Black Uhuru

The roots of BLACK UHURU were formed in Kingston Jamaica’s Waterhouse district also known as “Firehouse” in the early 60′s. Though considered to be one of Jamaica’s toughest neighborhoods it’s home to several other reggae singers and musicians. It was where Duckie Simpson grew up and learned to sing from boyhood friends Winston “Pipe” Matthews and Lloyd “Bread” McDonald of Wailing Souls and Bob Marley. He recorded four tracks with Wailing Souls before forming his own group.

Thunderfist and Magda-Vega

Rock & Roll party with Thunderfist and Magda-Vega!

Crook & The Bluff

JJ Grey & Mofro with The Magpie Salute

Tickets online:

2nd Annual Shriners Ham Shoot

Everyone Welcome! Come shoot shot guns for a Ham! Grand Prize: Lifetime Diamond Membership to FRONT SIGHT! For more information contact: Bill Broyles (801)803-9236 or Bob Shupe (801)509-6161

Snowbasin Blues Brews and BBQ

Tony Holiday and the  Velvetones and Underground Cash

Eric Hinderaker, PhD - Free Lecture

On the night of March 5, 1770, British soldiers fired into a crowd gathered in front of Boston's Custom House, killing five people. Denounced as an act of unprovoked violence and villainy, the event that came to be known as the Boston Massacre is one of the most familiar incidents in American history, yet one of the least understood. Eric Hinderaker revisits this dramatic episode, examining in forensic detail the facts of that fateful night, the competing narratives that molded public perceptions at the time, and the long campaign afterward to transform the tragedy into a touchstone of American identity. Fundamental uncertainties about the night's events cannot be resolved. But the larger significance of the Boston Massacre extends from the era of the American Revolution to our own time, when the use of violence in policing crowd behavior has once again become a pressing public issue. --- Dr. Hinderaker is the interim chair of the Department of History at The University of Utah. He received his BA Degree from Augustana College; his MA from the University of Colorado, Boulder; and his PhD from Harvard University. He is the author of several monographs and articles on early American history. His 2010 publication, "The Two Hendricks: Unraveling a Mohawk Mystery" (Harvard University Press), was awarded the Dixon Ryan Fox Prize by the New York State Historical Society and the Herbert H. Lehman Prize by the New York Academy of History. His latest book, "Boston's Massacre", was published by Harvard University Press in 2017.

Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theatre

Thriller by Odyssey Dance Theatre hits the historic Egyptian Theatre stage September 22nd-October 8th. A ghoulish dance of monsters and maniacs, creeps and clowns. It is mystifying, mesmerizing, and morbid. An annual tradition and always a sell-out! Lowest Prices offered for the first Sunday and all Wednesdays & Thursdays. Recommended for ages 12+ - some children may find too scary. TICKETS: First Sunday and all Wednesday & Thursdays: Front-of-House: $34. House Adult: $28 / Youth (12 & under) $23 Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays: Front-of-House: $40. House Adult: $34 / Youth (12 & under) $28 Tickets purchased at the Door 30 minutes before showtime are $5 more Reserve tickets at or 435-649-9371.