Tony Holiday and the Velvetones - Sunday Concerts in the Solitude Village

Enjoy free, live music from 4 to 6 p.m. and our $2 ice cream special! Camp chairs and coolers are welcome.


Pelican with Inter Arma

McRay Magleby Poster Sale

From 9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M., there will be a limited sale of McRay Magleby posters! Come on down and get them while you can! Posters cost 1$. The poster sale will take place in the Gould Auditorium. --- McRay Magleby, Jr. graduated from Brigham Young University in 1969 with a bachelor's degree in art. He then served as creative designer of BYU Publications & Graphics (now called BYU Graphics) until 1996. In 1987 BYU awarded him with the Honorary Alumni Award. Along with teaching at both the University of Utah and BYU, Magleby was commissioned for several historic events. He created the first Cultural Olympiad poster for the 2002 Olympics and he also designed a carving for the Governor's Mansion for the 100th anniversary of Utah. He also designed the Wave of Peace poster, commemorating the 40th anniversary of the bombing on Hiroshima. In 2008 McRay (Mac) retired from his professorship at the U of U. Since 1987 Magleby has been teaching students how to be creative. He told them, "Being creative is risky; however, where the risks are great, the rewards are greater." In April and May 2012 Magleby's art was featured in the Covey Center for the Arts exhibit Seasons in the Rockies: Landscapes by McRay Magleby.

Solar Eclipse Viewing - Free Glasses!

Let's start this fall semester off with some fun! Come watch the eclipse on the library plaza with a pair of solar eclipse glasses. There will be SUN-chips and Capri SUNs (hah, get it?) and giveaways throughout the viewing!

Street Fighting Men

In a rapidly changing America where mass inequality and dwindling opportunity have devastated the black working class, three Detroit men must fight to build something lasting for themselves and future generations. With the promise of education, safety, and shelter in jeopardy, Deris commits to finish school, Luke works to rehab an abandoned home, and Jack Rabbit takes a stand against crime and violence. Shot over two years in the neighborhoods of Detroit, Street Fighting Men is a modern American narrative; a story of hard work, faith, and manhood in a community left to fend for itself.

Washed Out

Boredom. Laziness. Complete apathy. Is it a quarter-life crisis or just an excuse to never grow up? This is the world that Washed Out, aka Ernest Greene, conjures up on the ambitious new visual album Mister Mellow.


Year of the Cobra with Magda-Vega, Moon of Delirium

The Alarm

The Alarm was born in the UK in 1977 and by the time of 1981's debut single 'Unsafe Building', featured a daring mix of amped-up acoustic guitars, harmonica and passionate vocals that invited the enduring description “Bob Dylan meets The Clash”.