"These Three Songs"

  • June 23, 2016
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These Three Songs 7:20 a.m. Monday-Friday on A Brand New Day

These Three Songs

What Do These Three Songs have in common
Scarborough Fair Simon and Garfunkel
Mellow Yellow Donovan 
Cinnamon Girl Neil Young 

Parsley sage Rosemary Tyme wild about Saffron Cinnamon and Brown Sugar ZZ Top as a Bonus
Congrats to Ulla for getting it right!

These Three Songs what do they have in common
Punky's Dilemma Simon and Garfunkle
Breakfast in America Supertramp
Eggs and Sausage Tom Waits

Why Breakfast of course
Bonus St. Alphonso's Breakfast Frank Zappa

These Three Songs what do they have in common
Beatles Baby It's You
Love Little Red Book
Dusty Springfield Wishin and Hopin


All Burt Bacharach songs
and here is a bonus
Theme from the Valley of the Dolls Dione Warwick

What do These Three Songs have in common

Michelle Shocked Anchored Down in Anchorage
Beatles Paperback Writer
John Prine Dear Abbey


They are all about getting and writing LETTERS!

and as a bonus Box Full of Letters by Wilco

What do these two songs have in common?
Come Together Beatles
You Can't Catch Me ChuckBerry ?

and what do these two songs have in common?

Creedence Clearwater Revival Run Thru the Jungle
John Fogerty Old Man down the Road

Answer: Both pairs were were sued for copyright.

John Lennon was sued for using the line from Chuck Berry "He come on Flattop he come groovin up slowly from you can't catch me and John Fogerty was sued for Old Man Down the Road sounding too much like his own song Run Through the Jungle.

There You Have It.

What do these three songs have in common?

Cassidy Grateful Dead
Thank You Led Zeppelin
Kind and Gentle Natalie Merchant

Grateful/Thankful Happy Holiday from KRCL and bonus Louis
Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World

These Three Songs

you tell me what they have in common.

Simon and Garfunkel At the Zoo

Rolling Stones Stray Cat Blues

for instance Beatles I Am the Walrus

answer: Animals

However...they are not always that easy


Papa was a Rolling Stone Temptations

Cats in the Cradle Harry Chapin

Boy Named Sue Johnny Cash

answer: Bad Dads

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